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Have you been charged with a child molestation offense or are you being investigated for child molestation in New Jersey? If so you need a tough and experienced criminal defense attorney. James R. Wronko has practiced criminal law for 28 years. He is a former N. J. Deputy Attorney General (state Prosecutor with the Division of Criminal Justice) and former County Assistant Prosecutor. He represents people throughout New Jersey who face a variety of criminal charges.

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Charges of child molestation are very serious and conviction could destroy your life. Typical penalties generally include a long prison sentence. James Wronko may be able to protect you from this fate if you have been falsely accused of child molestation or sexual abuse of a child.

Conviction of child molestation or sexual abuse of a child requires the convicted person to register as a sex offender. This can lead to being treated as an outcast by the majority of society. A false accusation may be the result of a vindictive or malicious act by someone else, but a conviction is the same no matter how it came to be.

Contact between an Adult and a Minor

The legal age of consent in New Jersey is 16; unless an adult is in a supervisory capacity (teacher or coach for example) then the legal age of consent becomes 18.

If you have been charged with engaging in sexual relations with a minor, you may be charged with additional crimes including sexual assault.

Your Legal Defense
It is Important that you do not trust just any attorney with your child molestation or child abuse case. Your freedom and your future may be at risk. You must work with a law firm that is experienced and knowledgeable in the laws governing such charges. You will need talented attorneys who are capable of launching an aggressive defense to help ensure that you receive the most favorable outcome possible for your circumstances.

If you have been charged with child molestation or child sexual abuse, you need to protect yourself and your rights. Wronko Loewen Benucci will work hard to fight for your liberty and freedom.

If you are charged or being investigated for a child molestation offense, call the attorneys who have the ability and expertise to successfully resolve the case.

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