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Have you been charged with a computer sex crime in New Jersey? If so you need a tough and experienced criminal defense attorney. James R. Wronko has practiced criminal law for 28 years. He is a former N. J. Deputy Attorney General (state Prosecutor with the Division of Criminal Justice) and former County Assistant Prosecutor. He represents people throughout New Jersey who face a variety of criminal charges.

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At Wronko & Loewen, we are dedicated to providing aggressive legal representation to those who have been charged with computer sex crimes. We believe in the presumption of innocence for all of our clients, no matter how socially disturbing the accusations against them may be.

James Wronko is experienced in providing the best legal counsel possible when representing clients in various types of computer sex crimes. Charges may include:

  • Child Pornography (manufacture, solicitation and distribution)
  • Chatroom solicitation of minors (regardless of an attempt to meet)

Our criminal defense attorneys will mount an aggressive defense of computer sex crimes cases including aggressive discovery of the prosecution’s evidence. Our clients’ defenses may include among other things, issues relating to:

  • Entrapment of the accused
  • Jurisdictional questions
  • Lack of criminal intent
  • Unlawful search and seizure

Child Pornography

According to federal and state law, it is illegal to manufacture, possess, distribute or solicit any material that exploits minors. The internet makes the violation of these laws much easier and the obtaining of such materials increasingly accessible. Often, people unknowingly download prohibited images by simply typing the improper web address for a particular site. The result is the inadvertent (knowing) involvement in the trafficking of child pornography. Persons participating in the file-sharing networks can also have illegal files put on their computer without their knowledge.

Solicitation of Minors
It is very easy to get involved in online discussions on the internet with children (under 16) via Facebook, YouTube and other social media. In addition, chat rooms that share unique interests in certain subject matter may attract people from all ages and all walks of life, an innocent chat with a stranger online can land you in jail fighting accusations of child solicitation. You may find yourself chatting with a police officer claiming to be a child in order to entrap you. The internet is a wonderful advance in technology, but in the wrong hands it can become quite dangerous for both children and innocent adults alike.

Individuals who have been charged with the commission of computer sex crimes may face extended jail time, the requirement of registration as a convicted sex offender, and long-term probation under restrictions. It is essential to your defense that you have skilled criminal defense attorney, such as James Wronko who specialize in the defense of those accused of computer sex crimes. We believe in the rights of our clients and will work hard to prove your innocence.

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It is important to always remember that everyone, no matter what crime they have been charged with, is innocent until proven guilty. If you have been charged with the commission of computer sex crimes, please call or email James Wronko today. He has the resources and experience to develop a strong defense and fight for your freedom.

Contact our law practice today for your free consultation if you’ve been charged with a computer sex crime and need a skilled New Jersey sex crime defense lawyer Contact James Wronko at or call (908)704-9200.

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