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Have you been charged with a sexually related offense in New Jersey? If so you need a tough and experienced criminal defense attorney. James R. Wronko has practiced criminal law for 28 years. He is a former N. J. Deputy Attorney General (State Prosecutor with the Division of Criminal Justice) and former County Assistant Prosecutor. He represents people throughout New Jersey who face a variety of criminal charges.

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New Jersey, Sex Related Offenses and Crimes

A sex crime charge often leads to an extensive prison sentence and the stigma of being a sex offender sticks with you the rest of your life, guilty or innocent. In addition, you may have to register as a sex offender (Megan’s Law) or be on parole supervision for life. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact the New Jersey law office of Wronko Loewen Benucci for your free consultation.

You need a strong criminal defense attorney with considerable experience helping people fight sex crime charges throughout New Jersey. James Wronko is one of the most highly regarded lawyers in the state because he gets results.

Mr. Wronko is skilled in proving clients’ innocence when a scorned girlfriend or ex-wife makes a false accusation of rape or child molestation. He knows that these accusations can be a tool for revenge.

Don’t talk to police until you’ve spoken with an attorney. Many young adults don’t understand the potential consequences of statutory rape. If you’re 21 and have been charged with having sex with a 15-year-old, sentencing guidelines could send you to prison. Yet many defendants mistakenly admit their crime thinking the sex was legally consensual.

Thanks to Megan’s Law and the Sex Offender Registry, these charges stick with you your whole life.

Our law firm is experienced in handling any kind of sexual assault case, including child solicitation, child sex crimes and child rape, sexual battery, sexual abuse, date rape, forced sexual activity, aggravated sexual assault, and internet sex solicitation. We have resolved many cases before charges were filed in addition to representing individuals charged high profile cases.

If you’ve been charged with a sex crime and need a skilled New Jersey sexual assault defense lawyer, contact James Wronko at or call (908)704-9200.

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