State statutes have outlawed bullying, harassment, and intimidation (“HIB”) in schools, but it remains a widespread problem. Both students and teachers can be held responsible for HIB. If your child’s school is not taking HIB seriously, we can make sure appropriate action is taken. We will file a lawsuit where bullying has crossed the line into discrimination, defamation, or personal injury.


Whether you’re confronting bullying and harassment or need guidance on your rights in the education system, the attorneys of Wronko Loewen Benucci can guide you through the process of advocating for you or your child. 


Attorney Michael Poreda’s expertise in education spans a wide range of needs, and he is licensed in both New Jersey and New York. Let us help you manage issues with “HIB” (harassment, intimidation, and bullying), disability related challenges, Title IX proceedings, and free speech. Our firm is experienced in taking on lawsuits in the education field, and we will help you navigate the system.

Special Education

Having a child with a disability can be extraordinarily challenging. But having a school refuse to provide your child with the accommodations they need in order to learn is unacceptable.  You don’t have to fight your child’s school on your own. We help families navigate the burdensome terrain of evaluations, IEP’s, and out of district placements.

Grade Retention

Being held back a year can be one of the most stressful experiences for a child — or it can be exactly what a young child needs to assure success later on. We have helped students with disability-related attendance issues stay with their cohort even after being told they were to be left behind. We can also help when a school refuses to hold back a young child who needs a year to mature.

Title IX Proceedings

The Title IX proceeding is a campus procedure for resolving instances of sexual harassment and assault. Some colleges actively try to discourage complaints from being filed while others will try to treat mere accusations as though they are the truth. Whatever your position in a Title IX proceeding, we can make sure the process is fair.

Free Speech

Students have rights to self-expression in and out of school, but the legal landscape of student free speech is complex. Supreme Court, lower federal court, and anti-bullying laws all play a role in what students may and may not be punished for saying. We are experts in student expression rights. If you or your child have been punished for self-expression, give us a call today.