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If you have ever been arrested you have a record or entry in the New Jersey State Police computer system. It does not matter if the case was resolved. We can expunge or erase that record and allow you to answer “NO” when asked whether you have been arrested or convicted of a criminal offense.

The Benefits Of Obtaining An Expungement

If you have been arrested and charged with a violation of the Criminal Laws of the State of New Jersey you may have difficulty obtaining a job, getting credit, or face embarrassment whenever anyone runs a background check on you. If you have a criminal conviction you may be barred from government employment or getting a job as a teacher, nurse, securities broker or any job that requires a security clearance or professional license. Even if the charges against you were dismissed, you received a Conditional Discharge, or were granted entry into the Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program, there is still a record of your arrest and subsequent proceedings available that may require you to explain your record to prospective employers, lenders or spouses.

The Effects Of An Expungement

Only the Superior Court of New Jersey can order the expungement of a criminal arrest or conviction in the State of New Jersey. If the Court enters such an order the offense is deemed to have never happened. If you were asked whether or not you have been arrested, convicted, or charged with a crime or disorderly persons offense, you can legally answer the question “NO,” and if anyone runs a New Jersey criminal background check on you it will come up as “NO CRIMINAL RECORD FOUND”. The only exceptions to this are if you are applying for a job as a law enforcement officer or in the judicial branch of the government, if you are facing new criminal charges, or if you are seeking another Expungement or diversity program.

You can apply for an Expungement for:
  • Arrest with charges being dismissed – apply immediately

  • Dismissal after completion of conditional discharge or PTI – 6 months

  • Conviction of a municipal ordinance – 2 years

  • Disorderly persons offense – 5 years (3 if you claim a hardship)

  • Indictable offenses – 10 years (5 if you claim a hardship)


* If you have successfully completed Drug Court, you are eligible to file for an expungement immediately, and your entire record prior to completion of Drug Court may be expunged.

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