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  • James Wronko

Passaic County Verdict

Passaic County Jury found client not guilty of 1st degree aggravated sexual assault, 2nd degree sexual assault and 2nd degree endangering welfare of a child. Client was found guilty of lesser included offense of 3rd degree endangering welfare.

In addition to victim and her family, Dr. Anthony D’urso of the Audrey Hepburn Children’s House also testified as a state witness regarding the child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome.”

Under New Jersey’s criminal code (N.J.S.A. 2C:14) an individual charged with a 1st degree aggravated sexual assault who commits an act of sexual penetration with an individual under the age of 13 shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment between 25 years to life. Twenty five years of the this sentence must be served before an individual is eligible for parole. The prosecutor in consideration of the interest of the victim can offer, as a plea bargain, a term of parole ineligibility not less than 15 years.

This result was Mr. Wronko’s 5th straight verdict, in cases involving sexual assaults, where all charges contained in the indictment resulted in a NOT GUILTY verdict. These cases were tried in Somerset, Morris, Mercer and Passaic Counties.

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