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Not Guilty Verdict in Post Covid Jury Trial

James Wronko’s client was found not guilty by Middlesex County Jury in which she was charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a minor, and possession of a weapon, a baseball bat for an unlawful purpose.

Mr. Wronko’s client had arrived home to find a young man, who was a stranger to her, who just had sexual relations with her 15 year old daughter. It was alleged that Mr. Wronko’s client used a baseball bat to assault this individual while he was still in the bedroom, wherein the consensual sex with her daughter had occurred.

Mr. Wronko’s client testified that she did not strike the young man with the bat and that any injuries he suffered as a result from glass from a broken picture frame during a brief struggle in the room.

Jury selection was conducted as part virtual with a Zoom app and the other half in court. With the Jury challenges occurring in open court. During the trial it self the Jurors were spaced out in the area normally reserved for the audience, instead of being seated in the Jury box close to the witness stand the jurors being spread out resulted in them having a hard time hearing the witnesses. However, despite these difficulties Mr. Wronko was successfully able to convince the Jury his client was not guilty.


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