Commercial & Business Litigation

If you’re dealing with a business or commercial dispute, having an experienced litigator on your side could mean the difference between a successful negotiation or a long, drawn-out court battle that costs you time and money.


Has your company been sued by another business or do you need to bring suit to enforce observance of your commercial rights? Our New Jersey commercial and business litigation attorneys regularly appear before New Jersey state courts, federal courts, and appellate courts on your behalf for a wide range covering these civil issues.


The experienced attorneys at Wronko Loewen Benucci are experts across areas of civil litigation, including consumer fraud lawsuits, contract disputes, and other commercial matters. Our lawyers are highly qualified practitioners, and represent not only individuals and partnerships but also corporations and limited liability companies. Collectively, our experience positions us to help you get the outcome you and your business need from the New Jersey Court system.

Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

In the time after establishing your business you may run into issues that threaten its stability, such as a disagreement within management or other stakeholders. These internal disputes can be extremely costly, both emotionally and financially. In some cases, parties are able to avoid a business divorce by resolving the conflict out of court. Our attorneys are highly skilled at resolving contract disputes, as well as claims of breach of contract and breach of lease or agreement.


If unresolved, a bitter dispute between partners can damage the business by demoralizing the organization or stifling growth. A long, drawn out court battle will drain the company of its assets and render it insolvent. When disagreements rise to the level at which a business divorce is contemplated, knowledgeable advisors like the lawyers at Wronko Loewen Benucci can navigate this high stakes situation and preserve the business and its assets.


Having advised clients in a wide variety of business shareholder and partnership disputes, our lawyers understand that each case has unique circumstances. We seek to understand the underlying cause of these disputes, and provide guidance on dealing with unfair competition and business interference, the violation of restrictive covenants and injunctions, business and consumer fraud, and fraudulent transfer actions. We work tirelessly for our clients and rely on years of experience with these disagreements in order to help neutralize what can be an emotionally charged process.

Contract Disputes

If you are dealing with a contract dispute, the lawyers at Wronko Loewen Benucci want to help you resolve this conflict as efficiently as possible. We understand that when these disputes are drawn out they can impact the performance of the company - which is why we work with you to avoid this outcome.


When a contract dispute can’t be avoided, we will seek to protect your rights while we work toward a resolution. Our experience covers the full scope of contract disputes and ranges from construction to real estate, including construction litigation, land use and zoning litigation, title litigation, condominium litigation, and brokerage disputes. Our lawyers will review the facts of your case and discuss your options for resolving the dispute. In the case of a landlord tenant dispute we can mediate a resolution between both parties. If you take your dispute to court, this includes seeking an order mandating specific performance as an alternative to damages.

Consumer Fraud

If you have been taken advantage of, misled, exploited or deceived by a product, service provider, or corporation then you have been a victim of consumer fraud. Fortunately, The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act is one of the strongest in the nation. It offers protection for consumers and allows law firms to file lawsuits on behalf of defrauded individuals.


Consumers deserve protection in their purchases, which is why the New Jersey consumer protection lawyers at Wronko Loewen Benucci are committed to representing consumers who have been wronged or defrauded. From identity theft and credit card fraud to lemon law cases, if you think you are a victim of consumer fraud you need an experienced lawyer to enforce your rights.

Real Estate Litigation

The real estate attorneys of Wronko Loewen Benucci have the expertise to guide you through any legal issues involved in real estate litigation and around property disputes. Whether you’re dealing with a disagreement between neighbors over the boundaries of your property or encounter a serious defect in the title to the property, we are skillful real estate litigators who are well equipped to handle a wide range of disputes.

Estate Litigation

An estate commonly refers to the totality of the legal rights, interests, entitlements, and obligations attached to property. In the context of wills and probate, it refers to a deceased owner’s property and interests and it may also refer to an estate in land. Difficult legal situations around an estate require an experienced and skilled estate litigation attorney who can guide you through what can be an overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating process. You may not know what your options are or how best to secure a resolution that is fair to you, but you can be sure that our attorneys will protect your rights as a beneficiary of an estate.


The New Jersey probate litigation lawyers at Wronko Loewen Benucci provide practiced representation in probate administration, litigation, and disputes over wills and trusts across the state. We assist with fiduciary accounting, and have experience advocating for the rights of our clients in cases where they are contesting a will or trust or need to address fraud and undue influence, in addition to a variety of other unlawful activities that commenced prior to an individual’s passing. We will also work with you to assess whether or not additional claims may be brought.

Product Liability Litigation

When a product has an unexpected defect or danger, it can’t be said to meet the ordinary expectations of the consumer. Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others who make products available to the public can be held responsible for the injuries these products cause. The lawyers at Wronko Loewen Benucci are determined advocates. We use our vast experience in product liability litigation to determine if your injuries were due to a defect that made the product unreasonably dangerous, whether the cause of this injury was a design, manufacturing, or marketing defect, and whether there was inadequate protection against those hazards.