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Have you been charged with domestic violence contempt or have you violated a restraining order in New Jersey? If so, you need a tough and experienced criminal defense attorney. Our lawyers are experienced in criminal law, and have represented people throughout New Jersey who face a variety of criminal charges, including charges involving domestic violence. 

In New Jersey, people involved in contentious divorce cases and other related arguments frequently file for a domestic violence restraining order and if one is granted, you can be charged for simply saying hello to an ex-spouse/girlfriend or lover. As a result, you can be placed on probation and sentenced to jail. As these cases are decided by a judge and not a jury, you need an experienced attorney to represent you on a contempt charge and protect you from having a restraining order issued against you. The former prosecutors at our firm can help you navigate these issues.

Wronko & Loewen offers free consultation if you’ve been charged with a domestic violence contempt charge or had a temporary restraining order issued against you. See one of our skilled domestic violence defense lawyers to discuss your case today.

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