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Small businesses have their own unique needs, whether the business needs to get started or needs to buy real estate. The New Jersey commercial real estate attorneys at Wronko & Loewen have the knowledge to help, and we can start by sitting down with you for a free consultation.

Legal issues for businesses are often more complex than those facing an individual, yet for many business owners the business is their life. They end up putting a substantial personal stake in the financing of their new company.


That means you need the job done right. At Wronko & Loewen, we are skilled real estate attorneys with considerable experience in real estate and business law. We have the skills to get all the details right regardless of the issue you face and we have the knowledge to help when you want to buy a business or sell a business, whether it’s the corner deli or a gas station. We can negotiate leases. We can help with bulk sale tax notices, and we can help when there are liens against businesses. In addition, we will help you through a loan process or financing agreement.


Our practice is also qualified to help with business formations. If you want to form a small corporation, partnership, or limited liability company, we will walk you through the process and make sure it gets done right.

If any of these issues ultimately devolves into a contract dispute, few New Jersey law firms have the litigation skills we have to resolve the dispute.


Whether you’re buying a residential family home or navigating commercial real estate for the first time as you start your business, the real estate attorneys of Wronko & Loewen have the expertise to guide you through any legal questions and issues.


Let us help you with all residential affairs regarding your apartment, condominium or house, along with any consumer fraud cases. We can meet your commercial needs in leasing and transactions, as well as sale and purchase of assets, businesses, or a liquor license. We are experienced in both residential and commercial lawsuits regarding breaches or enforcement of agreements. 


Few things in life are more satisfying than buying a home. However, an experienced attorney is necessary to ensure that the transaction goes according to plan. At Wronko & Loewen, Attorneys at Law, our New Jersey real estate attorneys can carefully guide you through every step of the home-buying process and ensure that your dreams of real estate ownership are realized.

Our lawyers can help you through the home buying process or home selling process by:

  • Preparing or reviewing the purchase contract,

  • Counseling you concerning inspection options and municipal requirements,

  • Advising you about financing,

  • Securing the appropriate survey and title insurance,

  • Answering your legal questions, and

  • Arranging for the documents necessary to complete the purchase


You should consult a New Jersey real estate attorney before you sign a contract to buy a home, or during the three-day “attorney review period.” Although a pre-printed form may be used for the purchase contract, your lawyer can make changes that provide added protection.

Your home can be a valuable investment and provide years of enjoyment. You can protect yourself against expensive mistakes if you proceed carefully before signing a purchase contract and proceeding to title closing. With years of experience and extensive knowledge about real estate law, our lawyers can help.

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