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Cuba Gooding Jr.

Mr. Gooding appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court last week for what was supposed to be the beginning of his trial over the initial charges for third degree misdemeanor sexual abuse and forcible touching. Wearing a black suit with a white pocket square, he sat in the courtroom for several minutes before prosecutors asked Judge Marisol Martinez Alonso to delay the jury selection because of the new charges.

Mr. Gooding, 51, was to stand trial over an encounter at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar, a pricey lounge at the Moxy NYC Times Square Hotel in Manhattan. According to the criminal complaint, the accuser said that Mr. Gooding placed his hand on her breast without her consent and squeezed.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is now being accused of another incident of sexual misconduct – the 5th such allegation – and he’s now going to face a new charge of it in court.

Law enforcement sources said several other women have recently come forward to make new allegations of sexual misconduct against Cuba. One of them may be a woman making a claim about Gooding from October 2018.

A handcuffed Cuba Gooding. Jr. pleaded not guilty to new charges of sexual misconduct on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 in New York City court.

Gooding, 51, denied any wrongdoing. His attorney Mark Heller blasted prosecutors during the hearing and accused the district attorney of purposefully upending his client’s life and “cooley delaying this prosecution.”

Heller characterized the indictment as “a disillusioned overreaction” to today’s “hypersensitive climate” and invoked former vice president Joe Biden’s name by seemingly drawing a comparison between his client and Biden, who has been accused of making women uncomfortable with unwarranted touching in the past.

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