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  • James Wronko

Jared From Subway To Plea Guilty To Child Pornography Charges

Jared Fogle, known as Jared from Subway for all his weight loss commercials, will plead guilty to child pornography charges and to crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors, prosecutors and defense attorneys announced after Fogle’s initial appearance in federal court.

Under the plea deal, the government agrees to recommend less than 13 years in prison for Fogle. Also, Fogle’s lawyers agree to ask the judge for no less than a 5 year prison term. Fogle will also pay restitution to the 14 victims who were secretly photographed in the images possessed by Fogle or who he paid for sex. Each victim will get $100,000 from Fogle, funds intended for counseling, support and other assistance.

Fogle will admit that between 2011 and April 2015, he received multiple pornographic images of minors engaging in sexually explicit contact and that he had conversations about child porn, but instead of alerting authorities, he “chose to benefit from such production by obtaining access to a significant amount of child pornography.

He will also admit that he traveled from Indiana to New York to pay to have sex with minors. One victim told investigators that she had sex with Fogle twice when she was 17 in exchange for money, once at the Plaza Hotel, and once at the Ritz Cartlon, both in New York City.

The same minor also said that Fogle had sex with her three other times before 2012, when she was 16 years old.

The agreement says Fogle will adhere to a pornography ban and sexual disorders treatment and he will have no unsupervised visits with minors, among other requirements. Computer monitoring will be required, too.


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